Background of mindbugstests

The background of the mindbugtests lies primarily in the mindbugtest ‘Gender & Leadership’. This is based on research from Harvard University, McKinsey & Company and Direction. Following this test, other mindbugtests have also been developed about leadership in relation to, for example, names, age and skin color.

Part of our tests are based on the Implicit Association Test (IAT). This was developed by professors at Harvard University. The test is a tool that is used to gain a clear insight into the conscious perceptions and unconscious biases surrounding leadership within organizations. The mindbu tests have been thoroughly tested for reliability and validity. Subsequently, various other scientists paid a lot of attention to the technical accuracy and reliability of the measurement, partly thanks to research among more than 11,000 participants in the Netherlands.

Hundreds of studies have generated statistical data that endorse, among other things, internal consistency, test reliability and predictive value. With this test, the participants are encouraged to think about their own behavior and actions.

Scientific studies show that the IAT is one of the best testing methods for measuring unconscious links and preferences and stimulating self-reflection based on that. It is not so much about the exact result of the test, but about the awareness of your unconscious (pre) judgments and preferences, those of your team and organization.

Applying the tests helps people understand that there is a difference between your explicit, conscious preferences and your implicit unconscious preferences. In short, the mind bug tests not only answer the question of whether you have Mindbugs, but also show whether your conscious and unconscious judgments correspond and what effect this has on your decisions.

How do you score compared to the many thousands of participants who already preceded you? Diversity strengthens and improves organizations. Diversity in gender, age or origin starts with awareness of barriers – your Mindbugs. Esther Mollema has been giving organizations advice and guidance for decades in creating diversity and raising awareness of Mindbugs.

Time to start acting  to remedy the effects of Mindbugs!  

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