Why do we need diversity?

Why diversity? Is it good to put together different teams? And what makes it take so long to true diversity – that it takes so much effort?

Perhaps the cause for the lack of promotion of women lies in a different kind of leadership: do women perhaps have different leadership qualities? Qualities that are less valued or for which there is less need?

Diversity is more than just man / woman . In the Netherlands, organizations have been doing their best for more diversity for over ten years. In many cases with insufficient results. The focus is now mainly on male / female relationships in leadership positions. We also look broader; also by age, skin color and name in leadership positions.

Why diversity?

An example: If there is a woman, a Moroccan and a man aged between 30 and 40 in a selection process, the man often already has a slight preference without having spoken a word at all. This prevents diversity and a robust dialogue.

A diverse team with different backgrounds, ideas and experiences have more alternatives for a solution and ultimately come to a better solution, which helps an organization to perform better. It is crucial that a diverse team are in dialogue with each other. Then you get the different opinions side by side and you can discuss what is more and less important. That leads to better decisions. Why diversity is of great importance to the organization is answered.

“Esther Mollema makes the non-negotiable negotiable around diversity and high performance at Schiphol Group.”
Jos Nijhuis, President and CEO Schiphol Group

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