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UMC Utrecht: roadmap Gender Diversity & Inclusion

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UMC and Direction, Esther Mollema and Muriel Schrikkema, have decided to work decisively together on the sustainable promotion of female scientists at the UMC. Direction was chosen from a number of providers because of our proven approach and clear vision.

Based on our experiences at large organizations in recent years, we have developed a roadmap for Gender Diversity & Inclusion. This has resulted in the Steyn Parvé program.

This Gender Diversity & Inclusion step-by-step plan consists of six parts that lead to sustainable results.

  1. Build a vision of Inclusion that is attractive to all.
  2. Explore your own Mindbugs. Talk to others about their possible “Mindbugs”.
  3. Actively look for new leadership talent in your area.
  4. Improve the systems and processes to allow others to move on.
  5. Actively act as “Innergroup Champion” to bring other leaders into the Innergroup.
  6. Help the various people express their ambition and teach them the unwritten rules for success at UMC.

For more information about the Steyn Parvé step-by-step plan Gender Diversity & Inclusion for UMC Utrecht, please contact Robert Smit, telephone number 06-54253643 .


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