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Utrecht University: Female Leadership in Science

For Utrecht University we organized, among other things, the workshop ‘The Benefits of Diversity’ and the training ‘Female Talent in Science’.

The program was rated with a 9.2 ( out of 10 ) by participants. The trainers were also highly appreciated: Esther Mollema (9.3) and Erna Versteegden (9.0).

“Recommendable to other women in my group!”

“Thank you very much for this inspiring training!

The program consisted of several parts

Diversiteit & Mindbugs programma Universiteit UtrechtHomework for all participants

  • Prior to the workshop ‘The Benefits of Diversity’, we asked the participants to complete the Mindbugstest online. With these data Esther Mollema gave a factual and challenging presentation.
  • For the training ‘Female Talent in Science’ we asked the participants to make their personal profile in advance.

Workshop ´The benefits of Diversity´

The workshop consisted of a 2.5 hour session. In a energetic setting, the participants gained insight into why we unconsciously search for equals, making others less visible. The workshop is based on the ideas of Harvard Social Ethics professor Mahzarin Banaji and professor Mark van Vugt. During the workshop, we looked at how our brains work. Why are both men and women unconsciously biased and how does that affect our choices? The workshop consisted of a presentation and dialogue / discussion session in which one’s own bias is examined. Input from all participants was used in the presentation to interpret the Mindbugs.

In addition, all participants received their own mindbugstest report digitally by email after the session. In it they found the personal score that gave insight into how strong their personal prejudices are. The extensive report allows the participants to read and reconsider their score. They can also get started with the tips mentioned! 

Two-day training ‘Female Talent in Science’

The 2-day training ‘Female Talent in Science’ is especially suitable for women with an academic ambition. This training was offered to the female academic staff of Utrecht University.

The following topics were discussed during this training:

  • What is ambition?
  • What is your ambition and what is the importance of expressing ambition, especially for women?
  • What are the written and unwritten rules of success at your faculty?
  • What perceptions are there about women in science?
  • How do you build a useful and supporting network?
  • How do you experience setbacks and how can you turn this around?
  • How do you work on a healthy personal / work balance?
  • What is your strength in your academic career and how can you best use it?

Also at other universities

We develop diversity programs for Radboud University Nijmegen, NWO, VU Amsterdam, Wageningen UR and University of Twente, among others. For questions and the possibilities, please contact our Mindbugs and Diversity Experts (T. +31-(0)6-54.253.643).

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