Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Mindbugs tests

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Mindbugs tests:

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How long does the test take?

The test is taken at two different times in order to obtain a reliable, scientifically sound picture. Two days after completing this test, you will receive a request by email to retake the test.

Before you start the test, there are three more points to consider:

  1. For best results, take about seven to ten minutes to complete the Mindbugstest in a quiet environment. A short break is possible between the seven blocks but not during the blocks!
  2. The point is to respond quickly and intuitively. There are no good or bad outcomes/results.
  3. The additional questions will provide you with a valuable insight into your results relative to those of comparable participants from the database in the report.

How does my score come about?

During the test, you will be asked to combine various concepts (Man & Leader, Women & Follower, Man & Follower, and Woman & Leader). We will measure your reaction time in making a connection between words or images in accordance with the given concept. You take this part of the test twice. Your final personal score is the average of your response times. In the calculation of the score, it is assumed that the faster you respond to an assignment, the more sense that combination makes to you, which allows you to perform the task easier and faster.

Is this test reliable?

Before the Harvard psychologists actually started using the IAT method, it was thoroughly checked for reliability and validity. Subsequently, various other scientists paid much attention to the technical accuracy and reliability of the measurement. Hundreds of studies have generated statistical data that support the internal consistency, test reliability, and predictive value. With this test, we aim to encourage participants to think about their own behavior and actions. Scientific studies show that the IAT is one of the best testing methods to measure unconscious connections and preferences and to stimulate self-reflection based on that. Here, it is not so much about the exact result of the test but about the awareness of your unconscious biases/judgments and preferences as well as those of your team and organization.

The purpose of the Mindbugstest is to make people aware of their unconscious behavior and to correct it so that only inner talents and qualities are decisive and that only the very best candidates – male, female, short, tall, black, white, young, old – are really chosen!

The IAT is one of the most used methods to measure unconscious biases. The Mindbugstests have extensively been checked for reliability and validity (currently more than 11,000 participants). To measure the results as accurately as possible, we ask participants to retake the test after two days.

How is the score interpreted?

The test roughly consists of two stimulus combinations. For example, in the Gender & Leadership Mindbugstest, one part measures your implicit response to the combination of man and leader and the other part measures your implicit response to the combination of woman and leader. Please note that the sequence changes continuously to prevent a recognition effect. A positive reaction time is linked to the combination of man and leadership and a negative reaction time is linked to the combination of women and leadership. Please note that the positive and negative scores have no value; that means these are not suggestive and do not refer to an assumption. Both the positive and negative scores fall into a range, which is classified using the algorithms of the Harvard psychologists.

Why can the Mindbugs score not be neutral?

The IAT measures the difference in reaction time between two stimulus combinations, such as Man & Leader and Woman & Leader. The stimulus used in the test is the opposite of each other, which causes the difference in the response time.

Does the order affect the results?

No. To prevent the order in the test from affecting the results, the order and combination of photos and characteristics are alternated. Direction has the participant retake the test after two days, making the results even more reliable.

Can the test be wrong?

The test uses your reaction speed to measure how strongly you associate particular characteristics and photos with each other. The speed with which you complete the test does not affect the result. Only when you complete the test at random once or twice, the result may not be correct. In the more than 11,000 Mindbugs tests that we have performed at many organizations, we have not yet experienced a participant completing the test incorrectly on purpose. The test is too much fun and challenging for that.

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